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Safeguard Hand Sanitizer

Stop viruses and bacteria dead in their tracks with our Safeguard Hand Sanitizer with ACTIV8 long lasting protection. 

Unlike regular alcohol based hand sanitizers, our hand sanitizer not only kills bacteria and viruses, but it continues to protect your hands long after the initial kill. 

Using Silane technology, it leaves a microscopic protective barrier on the surface of your hands that continues to pierce all bacteria and virus cells it comes in contact with.

It is non flammable, does not sting on cuts and chapped hands, has a pleasant scent versus alcohol based sanitizers and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Available in ready to use, and commercial concentrate forms.

ACTIV8 Wipe Down

Keep surfaces around you free of harmful viruses with our ACTIV8 Wipe Down Spray.

Utilizing Silane technology, it cleans and protects any surface from any harmful bacteria or viruses that come in contact with it.

Suitable for all surfaces – commercial, residential, even your car!

Available in ready to use, and commercial concentrate forms. 


Sanitize large spaces with ACTIV8 Mist.

Perfect for any large environment, such as a commercial properties, hotels, gyms, schools, cafes and eateries, ACTIV8 Mist provides durable air and surface protection against bacteria and mould for up to 30 days.

We can also provide misting equipment. Commercial concentrate forms available.

Freshwave Gel

Ideal for combating persistent odour problems, simply place Freshwave IAQ Gels into a shallow pan and let the natural airflow do the rest.

The Freshwave IAQ Gel has earned the USA Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment (DfE) recognition. The DfE label program recognizes products that are safe for use and for the environment.

The science behind Freshwave IAQ products has been tested, patented and proven to be effective by members of academia, as well as by third-party organizations such as American Foundrymen’s Society, German Foundry Institute and the Southern Petroleum Institute.


Freshwave Air and Surface

Freshwave IAQ Air & Surface spray provides rapid and targeted odour control.

Our sprays work by instantly bonding to and eliminating odours that have penetrated or are resting on surfaces. Just spray the affected areas and the odour will be gone instantly.

Ready to use sprays available from 500m up to 20 Litres.

Concentrate available in 2 Litre and 20 Litre sizes.


Freshwave Smoke Away

Designed to be used in smoking areas, households, commercial properties, laundry, carpet & upholstery cleaning, this product is simply brilliant for removing smoke odours from anywhere.

Commercial concentrate forms available.


Freshwave Automotive

Our automotive products can be found in vehicles all around Australia. Whether the cars be new, used or hired, Freshwave Automotive is the chosen product of many car detailers.

Designed to remove airborne odours within the vehicle and to leave surfaces ready to capture any odourous gases that make contact.D


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